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Ray-Ban Ray-Ban

RX 5285

Color Top Black on Transparent
Lens Color Transparent
Frame Size
Arm Bridge Lens Height
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About this frame

A cross somewhere between the Wayfarer and Panto styles, this pair of glasses from the Ray-Ban collection are an amalgamation of styles from the past. The front frame is a bold colour, while the layer behind it is clear to accentuate the front and its design. A mid-set bridge allows the frames to curve up and out towards the arms. This, coupled with the curved underside, means that the frames are rounded and have a wide field of vision for the wearer. The shaping enables the specs to project a sense of old-fashioned class whilst remaining contemporary and stylish.

Frame Details

Brand: Ray-Ban
Colour: Black - Grey
Style: Square
Width: 125mm

Customer Reviews

Every pair empowers others

Our Story

Every pair empowers others

We have a team of Opticians who provide eyecare services in to UK prisons. We also train carefully selected serving prisoners to dispense and glaze prescription spectacles. This makes them more employable which leads to a reduction in re-offending. In our first 3 years we helped over 40 prisoners secure work with UK Opticians.