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Ray-Ban Ray-Ban

RX 5268

Color Matte Black
Lens Color Transparent
Frame Size
Arm Bridge Lens Height
Usually delivers in 14 - 21 Days

About this frame

Thick and chunky, these glasses from the Ray-Ban Collection are a statement piece accessory. Whether you are rocking them in the office whilst waiting in line at the coffee machine, or sauntering down to the pub for that much-needed after work pint - they are suitable for all occasions. The upper frame curves up ever so slightly away from the bridge, offering a slight variation from what would otherwise be a hard brow line. Thick arms taper down to thin ear pieces, adding a touch of elegance to a pair of glasses whose value comes from their thickness. Ray-Ban have long been masters of the accessories game and these glasses are a testament as to why.

Frame Details

Brand: Ray-Ban
Colour: Black - Grey
Style: Square
Width: 128mm

Customer Reviews

Every pair empowers others

Our Story

Every pair empowers others

We have a team of Opticians who provide eyecare services in to UK prisons. We also train carefully selected serving prisoners to dispense and glaze prescription spectacles. This makes them more employable which leads to a reduction in re-offending. In our first 3 years we helped over 40 prisoners secure work with UK Opticians.