Quality Statement

Quality Statement


This Quality Statement summarises Just Specs’ requirements for the supervision of its sales of spectacles.

All orders

General supervision

The sale of a pair of spectacles ordered from Just Specs will be supervised by one of Just Specs’s opticians. These opticians have absolute discretion to exercise their professional skill and judgment as an optician before the sale. This absolute discretion includes but is not limited to discussing the order with the customer and otherwise advising the customer and, where necessary, rejecting the order if the prescription or other circumstances are such that it would not be appropriate for Just Specs to fulfil the order.

Every order for spectacles placed with Just Specs will be reviewed and approved by one of our supervising opticians and the supervising optician will certify that orders have been approved before any spectacles ordered by a customer are dispatched.

Prescription verification

You, the customer, must certify that you are in possession of a written prescription given by a registered optometrist or suitably qualified professional which is less than two years old, or if the customer is 70 or over, less than one year old. If your prescription is older than this your order will not be accepted.

Just Specs will not supply spectacles to prescriptions where the power of any distance sphere exceeds ± 8.00 dioptres or where the power of any cylinder exceeds ± 4.00 dioptres. Just Specs will not supply bifocals or varifocals to a prescription where the power addition between the distance and the near elements is less than + 0.75 or more than + 3.50 dioptres.


Each customer must certify that they are over 16 years old and that they are not registered blind or partially sighted. When ordering, customers are required to provide Just Specs with all details of their prescription including any notes on the prescription.

In order for a pair of glasses to perform optimally, we need to know your interpupillary distance (or PD for short), this is basically the distance from the centre of one pupil to the centre of the other. Most high street opticians do not include a PD measurement. You can ask your optician to give you your PD but some opticians will not oblige as they want you to buy your glasses from them and not an online retailer. Just Specs can make glasses using an average pupillary distance measurement based on a survey carried out on 4,000 people.

Whilst using an average pupillary distance measurement works very well for most customers, certain customers who have strong prescriptions and whose pupillary distance diverges significantly from the average may experience problems with spectacles made using an average PD measurement. The spectacles will not damage or harm the eyes but they can cause discomfort or eye strain.

If a customer uses the average pupillary distance measurement and then experiences difficulties using their glasses, Just Specs asks that such customers contact us and we will either arrange for their pupillary distance to be measured and then replace the glasses OR give a full refund.

If you have a spare pair of glasses you can send these to us and we can measure the PD from these frames so we ensure your new glasses are made to with the same PD measurement.

Bifocals - currently not sold

When you order Bifocal lenses from Just Specs then one of our supervising opticians will contact you (by email/phone) to discuss the order. The supervising optician will check the prescription, discuss image “jump” when looking down if it is the customer’s first bifocals, advise on lens thickness and weight issues, and frame suitability and types of bifocal spectacle lenses. If PD is not included in the prescription the supervising optician may request the customer to submit a pupillary distance measurement from an optician’s practice or an optical assistant before accepting the order.

Varifocals - currently not sold

In the case of prescriptions for varifocal spectacles, Just Specs requires that a supervising optician contacts the customer to discuss the order. The supervising optician must ascertain whether it is the customer’s first pair of varifocals, advise the customer on lens type, lens thickness, lens weight and frame suitability, and on any potential intolerance.