Now one of the world's largest fashion houses, its optical range is one of its most prized facets. Get your fabulous Prada glasses here at JustSpecs.

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Founded by Mario Prada with the opening of his first store in 1913, Prada has been a bastion of minimalist European style for over a century. The main pillars of the Prada brand include a cleaving to the classic, including an air of the intellectual and maintaining a certain minimalism. Now one of the world's largest fashion houses, its optical range is one of its most prized facets. The undoubted glamour associated with Prada eyeglasses lives on.

Our hand-selected range of Prada glasses includes both Prada prescription glasses and sunglasses. The extensive selection will certainly contain several pairs for you to choose from to match your aesthetic and mood. Let yourself be transported to the streets of Milan with the ambiance and tone of voice that these Prada eyeglasses command. A myriad of styles and shapes await you - from sexy Square frames to radical Rimless pieces.

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