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Louis Stone Louis Stone

ICY 166

Color Mini Black Dash
Lens Color Transparent
Frame Size
Arm Bridge Lens Height
Usually delivers in 7 - 10 Days

About this frame

Take a look at how cute and adorable these small framed wayfarers are... If you think the original wayfarer glasses look too big for your face or make your nose look big, you can stop your search right now. Get these mini wayfarer Icy glasses at a very affordable price, as well as having them suit your face shape. These mini wayfarer glasses come with smaller eye frames, so they don't hijack your face. The perfect pair for those with smaller, slim faces. These wayfarers are designed for both men and women and are made of durable plastic.

This model comes in three solid colours: Mini Black Dash, Mini Brown Dash and Mini Tort dash

Frame Details

Brand: Louis Stone
Colour: Black - Grey
Style: Wayfarer
Width: 109mm

Customer Reviews

Every pair empowers others

Our Story

Every pair empowers others

We have a team of Opticians who provide eyecare services in to UK prisons. We also train carefully selected serving prisoners to dispense and glaze prescription spectacles. This makes them more employable which leads to a reduction in re-offending. In our first 3 years we helped over 40 prisoners secure work with UK Opticians.