The History of Persol Glasses

The History of Persol Glasses

Here at JustSpecs, we are not only purveyors of a wide range of wonderful glasses, we are spectacle specialists. Founded by optometrist Tanjit Dosanjh, the company is imbued with a strong knowledge of all things optics-related. Thatโ€™s why we can help you choose styles that are best for you. If you havenโ€™t read our previous style post, The Best Jack and Francis Glasses, then please do check it out. Those glasses are on the more affordable end of the spectrum - without compromising quality, however. This week we are shining the spotlight on our more premium range of Persol glasses.

Persol glasses have a long and rich history compared to most brands. Born of the needs of pilots, the feats of engineering behind these frames are immense. Stay tuned for the 411 on how Persol became the brand it is today and why you should consider purchasing them from us at JustSpecs.

1. A need for sporty specs

Casting our hindsight back to 1917, a young photographer named Giuseppe Ratti had begun making glasses that were suited to pilots and racing car drivers. These people needed comfort from their eyewear, as well as protection and optimum vision. Over the course of the next 30 years, the Protector model was made. As has since become synonymous with Persol glasses, the design was of extremely high quality. Many air forces around the world adopted it as their primary choice of eyewear to disseminate to their pilots. The trademark Persol was then created, derived from โ€˜per il soleโ€™, meaning โ€˜for the sun.โ€™

All of the Persol glasses featured yellow-brown lenses at the time that were made from neutral crystal formed from the purest silica. The Protector modelโ€™s position as such an innovative piece of engineering was owed to these lenses, along with the signature arrow on the hinges that was both functional and decorative.

2. Me thinks Meflecto is marvellous

One of the main selling points of Persol glasses back in the early twentieth century was its Meflecto patented innovations. These were hinges that were built into the bridges and arms of the glasses, to provide adjustability for comfort and also allowed them to fold neatly away when they werenโ€™t being used. This is a feature of Persol glasses that is still implemented today - have a browse of our persol glasses page to see if there are any that tickle your fancy.

3. The sky is not the limit

Throughout the remainder of the twentieth century, Persol permeated many industries. Fast becoming an industry standard for quality, Persol glasses were second to none. In the 196os, this once small optics venture was now the jewel in the crown of Italian industry. Goggles were produced for NASA with several different types of filters to cater for astronauts' exposure to sunlight. Film and television stars all over the world were wearing them to show that they were a la mode.

Persol glasses were put to the test in extreme conditions in the 1980s, as expeditions up mountains and across deserts. This verified their performance in these conditions and cemented them as truly versatile pieces of eyewear. According to an article by The Idle Man, in 1989, alpinist Enrico Rosso wore a pair of Persol glasses as he climbed up to the Himalayan summit of Kun (23251 ft). Rosso stated that none of the men on the expedition had suffered issues with their eyes thanks to protection from bespoke Persol lenses specifically designed for the mission.

Fast forward to the present day, Persol is still one of the most fashionable sunglasses and glasses brands available. Their legacy is rich and their products are still of a high quality. We at JustSpecs are proud to stock their glasses amongst our ranges on If you have any questions or enquiries regarding how to place your order of Persol glasses, then please do not hesitate to contact us.