The Best Jack and Francis Glasses

The Best Jack and Francis Glasses

When it comes to selecting the right glasses for you, we know the process is an entirely personal affair. Thatโ€™s why we try to ensure as much variation in our stock as possible, so that you can choose from many to find that one perfect look. In our previous blog, When JustSpecs Met the Refugee Charity LWB, we shared our founder Tanjitโ€™s tales from his travels to Lesvos. Do give it a read after this one - we at JustSpecs seek to help people in many ways, be that philanthropy or style tips!

This week we are casting the spotlight on one of our favourite brands: the thoroughly under rated Jack and Francis glasses. Our range of eleven styles of frames may be petit, but you can rest assured that it will feature a pair to suit you. The quality of these frames cannot be understated, especially considering the criminally reasonable price point. So, without further ado, buckle-up and prepare yourself for some optical style assistance.

1. Apollo

First and foremost, we have the fabulous Apollo specs. A nod to the panto frame that was popularised in the 1950s by the NHS, these Jack & Francis glasses are a wonderfully modern take on the design. The brow line gently curves away from the curved bridge, creating a shape that is soft overall. Thin arms stretch out from either side of the lenses, maintaining a look of elegance on the wearer's temples. Crafted from high-quality acetate, the frames play host to an excellent two-tone effect that makes them an impactful accessory along the brow line, but subtle on the cheeks.

2. Jacky

You'll look as though you're fresh from the cool streets of Shoreditch with these ร  la mode frames from Jack & Francis. The petit round lenses frame the wearer's eyes nicely, creating a preppy or edgy look depending on which outfit you pair these frames with. The high set bridge allows the lenses to hang lower onto the cheeks, gently complimenting the brow line without needing to be too bold. A colour transition from black down to tortoiseshell at the bottom of the frames allows the frames to be bold but not overwhelming on the cheeks of the wearer.

These are the epitome of Jack and Francis glasses style, and they are not to be missed

3. The Rock

If you're looking for a bold accessory to spice up your year-round wardrobe, look no further. These glasses from Jack & Francis are sure to make a splash, whether you're wearing them to work on a Monday or to your favourite bar on a Friday. A strong, flat brow line creates a strong tone for these glasses. A slight dip above the small bridge adds a nuance of curvature to the masculine shape, continued by the curved corners of the squared lenses.

Jack and Francis glasses are made with super high quality Italian acetate. Bearing in mind that they are no longer produced, you will want to snap them up whilst they are still available. For a price as low as these, itโ€™s a wonder that they havenโ€™t all been taken already.

We hope you enjoyed reading about our Jack and Francis glasses recommendations in this weekโ€™s blog. Should you ever find yourself in a fashion-related rut, then be sure to consult our ever-growing archive of style blog posts. If youโ€™d like to speak to us directly about ordering yourself some glasses, or for some advice on which would best suit you, then please contact us.