Celebrity Spectacle Wearing Fashion Icons

Celebrity Spectacle Wearing Fashion Icons

Over the years spectacle frame design has made huge progress and we have embraced wearing spectacles. Fames have become somewhat of a fashion statement! Never before have we had so many requests for ‘fashion frames’ (non prescription). There used to be a time where some people felt embarrassed to wear glasses and would seek alternative options such as contact lenses or laser eye surgery.

With the help of social media and celebrity influencers it seems glasses are very much on trend - and we are so happy about this! Glasses should be celebrated and, if you need to wear them all the time (or even if you don’t!), why not create your very own ‘spectacle wardrobe!’

Take a look at some of these celebrities who have embraced wearing glasses, along with links to similar models you can find on www.justspecs.co.uk

Drew Barrymore

Drew wears a classic cats eye design here - in a striking black plastic. The contrasting nude sides give it a really chic and effortlessly glam look.

Check out our Prada 05XV Or if you're on a budget, try Amadeo from our Battatura range.

Tom Fletcher

If you follow Tom on Instagram you'll know that he is rarely without his trusty specs! Tom is known for sporting a jazzy collection of specs in a variety of colours but we particularly like his tortoise shell wayfarer style.

Check out our RX4340V by Ray Ban for a similar look.

Prue Leith

Prue is certainly not afraid of a bit of colour! If you fancy making a real statement and turning heads with your frames, why not take a look at our iWear 5078 or Icy 279.

Gok Wan

Another celeb rarely seen without his specs - Gok has always been a fan of striking chunky plastic frames. Recently he has been pictured in these very stylish round keyhole bridge frames which we think look FAB!

For a similar look check out Napoli by Battatura.

Ferne McCann

Ferne wears a black metal aviator. This style is a real classic and is lightweight too, perfect if you're on the go and need something minimalistic yet super stylish.

Check out our Lorenzo by Battatura to recreate this look.