Anti - Fog Lenses

Anti - Fog Lenses

The world is slowly adjusting to the 'new normal' and with face coverings now an essential part of our day-to day lives, us spectacle wearers have one small problem... steamed up lenses.

As bespectacled beauties ourselves here at Just Specs HQ, we often find when out shopping for essentials, we have a few options:

1.Don't wear the glasses and struggle to see

2.Wear the glasses, get steamed up and struggle to see

3.Try not to breathe

All of the above are pretty tricky... so we decided to speak to our manufacturers and are now stocking Anti-Fog lenses!

These lenses have a special protective layer designed to combat heat and moisture, resulting in clear vision.

We at Just Specs won't sell you anything we haven't tried and tested ourselves, so our lab technician has put the lenses to the test by making himself a pair of glasses with the new Anti-Fog lenses, wearing them on his weekly trip to the supermarket and..... RESULT! Steam free.

Why not see for yourselves? All you have to do is select a frame from our fabulous range, then go to 'select your lenses'. At £20 a set, we think you'll agree they are well worth the investment!